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Quest Combinations + Drops !

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Quest Combinations + Drops !

Post by Jacky on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:12 am

Goblin King
EXP= 10,000
Bounty= 1,000
Combo= Necklace+Goblin Skull
Drops From?-the strongest besides boss
Goblin Skull
Drops From?-the one thats big and looks like a football player

Posibility for Goblin Skull
rate= 0.06

Posibility for Necklace

Superion The Tainted
EXP= 10,000
Bounty= 1,000
Combo=Large Skull+Skeleton Doll
skeleton Doll
Drops From?-By The Skeleton Commander(he looks like skeleton only more faster and better sword)
--Quest lvl 1+
Large Skull
Drops From?-By the biggest and dark Skeleton SkeletonB
--Quest lvl 3+ or 2+

Posibility For Skeleton Doll

Posibility for Large Skull

~DUNGEON (i think)~
Aneramon The Wicked
Combo= Mysterious Skull+Skeleton Doll
Mysterious Skull
Drops From?-The Unholy, he is the small version of The unholy boss (UGLY AS HELL and 4 arms)
--Quest lvl 2+ or 3+
Skeleton Doll
Explained already

Posibilty for Mysterious Skull

Lich(Richie, Flying Dragon) <--- Has no been killed once yet even by pros!
Combo=Enormously Huge Bone+Devil's Dictionary
Enormously Huge Bone
Drops From?-The boss Version of SkeletonB (dark and big)you have to get by fighting the boss Superion The Tainted
Devil's Dictionary
Drops From?-The boss Unholy( the ugly 4 armed one) you have to get by fighting the boss Aneramon The Wicked


~Goblin King Quest LvL 0~
King Goblin Skull-50%
King Goblin Axe-50%

~Goblin King Quest LvL 1,2,3,4,5~
King Goblin Skull-20%
King Goblin Axe-20%
Page 65-15%
Male Goblin Hat-15%
Female Goblin Hat-15%
Goblin Rocket Launcher-15%

~Superion The Tainted LvL 0~
Giant Skeleton's Sword-100%

~Superion The Tainted Lvl 1,2,3,4,5~
Giant Skeleton's Sword-20%
Enormously huge bone-20%
Torn Page 65-15%
Demon Hand (Men)-15%
Demon Hand (Women)-15%
Demon Bringer-15%
MonkZ Comm. Member
MonkZ Comm. Member

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Re: Quest Combinations + Drops !

Post by prevail on Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:14 am

What about FGK's exp?

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MonkZ Comm. Member

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