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Pharaoh's GM Application

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Pharaoh's GM Application

Post by Pharaoh on Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:37 am

Name :

John Troy D. El-Sadek



Position Applying for:

Game Moderator


17(18 next month)



I've been a Forum Moderator on 1 server,Game Moderator on 3 servers,Developer in 3 servers, and Head Staff in 2 servers. Professionalism is what I got.

• Your education or diplomas

Basic Education & Junior High School Graduate

• How active are you in game and forums?

Now,I've never been active but I could be very active and responsive everyday.

• Why do you want to be a part of Monk Gunz staff?

I'm searching for a server to work for,a server where I can dedicate myself and work hard. A server that deserves my professionalism and experience. I guess this is the server I am looking for.

• What will you bring to Monk GunZ and help improve community?

Professionalism and accuracy. Accuracy because I never do any actions before reviewing every detail. Professionalism because I am an experienced staff looking for a job.

• Do you know basic Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C++, Animations?

Blender,HTML,Adobe Photoshop Cs6.

• Can you work with Microsoft SQL 2008 database?

Yes I can but I don't think it's necessary for my position.

• Can you prevent hackers from hacking?

Definitely can. As throughout my experience,I can now easily detect high-end hacks such as SB,UC,OC,Aimfix,Aimbot,and ESP. I can make this server a safe place for legit people.

• Do you know how to edit MRS's Compile/Decompile?

Yes,easy task.

• Can you edit values in Hex workshop?


• Why should we hire you to be accepted applicant?

You should hire me because I am fit for the position and I am dedicated to improving the server and its specs. I also believe I am fit to be a staff because I was hired 10+ times on other servers.

• Your programming and coding languages skills on a scale 1/10:


• List other languages you speak besides english.


• Do you advertise videos?


• Do you own Youtube channel?


• Are you mature?

Yes. Living as a 6 feet and 2 inches height,people expect me to be more mature than my age.


Interface - Professional at this.
XML - Professional at this.
Texture editing - Professional at this.
Elu's - Professional at this.

Panels (Admin / User) - I know how to use it.

Any Extra Comments:

Thanks for reviewing my application. If you have any question,it's better that we chat in skype. Pm me for more information.

MonkZ Comm. Member
MonkZ Comm. Member

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