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GM Application - PYRONE

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GM Application - PYRONE

Post by PYRONE on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:18 am

Name : Nitin Isaacs
Position Applying for: Trial Game Master
Age: 18


• Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc)
-12 (international Baccalaureate graduate) and currently going to college, Ecole Intuit Lab (design)

• How active are you in game and forums?
6+ hours daily in game activity. Check the forums a couple times a week.

• Why do you want to be a part of M2O Gaming Network, Gunz staff?
The fact that I could be a part of something I cherished as a kid makes me very happy and to help it grow would be a dream in itself.

• What will you bring to M2O Gaming and help improve community?
I am willing to do whatever it takes to help this server reach its full potential. I am also actively trying to bring in new players and teach ones that wish to learn just as I once learnt from you.

• Do you know basic Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C++, Animations?
I do know Photoshop cs5, cs6 as well as cc2017, fairly decent in c++, basic Blender and as for Animations I will be learning it as its one of my courses.

• Can you work with Microsoft SQL 2008 database?
Not as of right now but I am willing to learn.

• Can you prevent hackers from hacking?
I Know a very little about hacking however I am taking a course of it at the moment. So I should be useful in the near future.

• Do you know how to edit MRS's Compile/Decompile?
No I do not.

• Can you edit values in Hex workshop?
No I do not.

• Why should we hire you to be accepted applicant?
Having a GM would make it easier to run the server as I can handle basic problems while being a sort of Blockade so the higher ups can focus on the real issues. I already help people alot with basic stuff but I am limited

• Your programming and coding languages skills on a scale 1/10:
-Include sample of your work-
6/10 I'm a bit rusty but i had studied Java for majority of my short life and i had scored very well in my exams and stuff but its been about 2 years since and i'm afraid to say i may need a bit of time to brush up.

• List other languages you speak besides english.
English. Hindi, Spanish(very little though enough to have a conversation), and i'm currently studying French.

• Do you advertise videos?
No I dont, well nothing of my own but i've shared the trailers in order to entice people to join

• Do you own Youtube channel?
Yes I do, But I'm Quite inactive.

• Are you mature?
Personally I would say i'm Mature not so much that I'm stuck up though, I will however joke around with friends.

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